Bright red or even white and yellow with black bands or spots on its fins and tail; orange or black lips: Size (How big do they get) Large; 15 inches (38.1 cm) Growth Rate: Steady, growing up to 1 or 1.5 inches a month, taking 3 years since its birth to attain its complete size: Lifespan (How long do they live) 10 – 12 years: Sexual Dimorphism 1 of 2 Go to page. Red devil cichlids grow to 12 inches long, and need at least 55 gallons. There is not much to worry about if the fish is otherwise healthy, and no abnormal symptoms are detected as they go through color changes as they grow. Staff member. google_ad_height = 15; It is ferocious and is considered the most aggressive among cichlids. Red Devilfish~ By xMistressEcchiCatx Watch. Males will have sharper, more pointed anal and pelvic fins. Home / Aquarium Shop / Freshwater Tropical Fish / Angelfish / 75 % – 95% Solid Red Select Angelfish (Quarter Body Sized) Double Dark Veil Angelfish $ 29.99 $ 24.99. $10.48. Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | About | Contact | Partners, Copyright © 2021 Tropical Fish Success| Est. When very young and small, Red Devils are often gray. C. captain hook Feeder Fish. He is indeed full-grown at that size, and probably a minimum of three or four years old. Amphilophus labiatus is a large cichlid fish endemic to Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua in Central America.It is also known by the common name red devil cichlid, which it shares with another closely related cichlid, A. citrinellus Red Devils will dig and rearrange your aquarium. Family: Cichlidae. MFK Member. Approx 7 months old. The tank should be at least 6 feet long. CANCEL APPLY. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 10 - 20°N (178.57 - … This Central American cichlid is very territorial and will protect his/her space by chasing, harassing, and possibly killing potential threats. Found singly sometimes half buried and blending in with silty mud and sand bottoms over lagoons and seaward reefs. Origin: The ancestors of the Red Devil came from Lake Nicaragua in Central America. Something for MerMay n.n You can find another edit of this on my twitter @/_xMECx_ Or at my Insta @/__xmecx__ (Or I'll post it here or not idk) IMAGE DETAILS. Marble Veil Angels Trio of 3 Freshwater Fish Dime to Nickel Body Size. Family: Cichlidae. It possesses a spiny tail. High-quality Devilfish men's t-shirts designed and sold by independent artists around the world. But now they live in aquariums all over the world. Would you like to have your own space on this website to share your Red Devil Cichlid experience and pictures? If keeping a pair of Red Devil cichlids, I suggest a tank 100-gallons or larger. Males will chase and harass the female so please provide plenty of hiding spots. The size was as represented by the breeder, and two have (seemingly) already paired off. Due to the big body, devil fish is included as one of the largest rays in the world. Red devils are diggers and will dig up plants, move rocks, and spit substrate. The body color is red that varies up to bright purple when the fish is exited or during its spawning period. He may get bigger; I've seen a few Red Devils that were probably 15 or so inches long. 1942x2460px 1.75 MB. 15 watching. $44.99. Mahimahi (dolphin fish) Nairagi (striped marlin) Red devil Tucunare (peacock bass) Group B Eat up to once every two weeks from this group Ahi (fresh bigeye/tombo) Ono (wahoo) Opah (moonfish) Mercury builds up in the body. Ensure you provide plenty of hiding spots. :) When we got him he was only about 2 inches long.....he is now about 9 inches. Ecology: The Red Devil inhabits lakes and rarely enters rivers (Conkel, 1993). Red devil cichlid - Amphilophus labiatus. //-->. It is a large Central American cichlid, reaching up to about 15 inches (38 cm) in length. Red Claw Crab care requires you to be aware of the unique conditions that these animals need. 94 The fish arrived in great shape: they were active, acclimated easily, and were gorgeous! The majority of Red Devil owners will tell you that they can not keep any other fish in the tank with their Amphilophus labiatus cichlid. Due to the big body, devil fish is included as one of the largest rays in the world. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Add to Cart. CONVICT CICHLID - medium 2.5 - 3 inches . A 100-gallon tank is OK for this fish, but with such a large cichlid, the bigger the better. Back. This sea devil displays fearsome teeth—one of which is broken and flopping out of the fish's mouth—and a black tongue protruding from just under its lure. Central and South American Cichlids . Sold Out. A spiny tail is owned by a devil fish. They have a very unique and amazing personality. Cichlids. But as they grow, they develop much more coloration. It is the only mobulid species that lives in the Mediterranean Sea. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 10 - 22°N (178.57 - 392.86ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F Your email address will not be published. I recently moved her from a 55 gallon tank with one other fish into a 100 gallon tank with about ten smaller less aggressive fish. Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease - Diagnose, Symptoms and Treatment The Red Devil is a robust and stocky fish with pointed anal and dorsal fins. To subscribe to our dandy newsletter simply add your email below. They began eating the following day and are already tame and come excitedly to be fed. Even when you successfully pull out one of each sex, their still may be some aggression. Tropical Fish Food $ 0.00 0. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. The Red devil cichlid grow large, captive specimens have been reported reaching lengths of 15 inches (38.10 cm) and they are a very stocky fish with strong personalities often intimidating their tank mates without actually harming them physically but be warned, they can inflict injuries if they wish to do so. Colors variations include red, white, pink, orange and a mixture of these colors. As they are both babies still they might learn to get along but you can never tell. Example: Lot = 0.05, the maximum risk will be 5% of the available funds in the account. Ensure that your live insects have not been in contact with any pesticides. Red Devil Cichlids. $45.00 shipping. They will grow into a large fish around 12-15"Parents on site and in the 3rd picture. this is my first video the i speak in,, sorry for all the "mmmm" and paused ,, i was trying not to mess it up! However, in the aquarium, they’re usually bright red, amber yellow and sometimes white. Males typically are a bit larger than the females. Scientific name: Amphilophus labiatus. A single specimen should be kept in nothing smaller than a 55-gallon aquarium. 1; 2; Next. Only large, aggressive, South/Central American Cichlids should be kept with the Red Devil cichlid. Possibly, but i mean all fish are different, they may be fine, they fight to the death, but only time will tell. ive got both fish but not together, my red devil is in with red belly pacu, in a huge tank, you have to provide your tank with hiding places for shelter from each other. Scalare Red Devil Show Size. WYSIWYG 73 Moselya $ 39.89 WYSIWYG 213 Enchanata $ 39.89 WYSIWYG 248 Leather $ 50.39 WYSIWYG 347 Mushroom $ 50.39 This will provide enough “territory” for both the male and the female. With muscular traits, and tough jaws and pointed teeth, Red Devil looks intimidating like the devil. The record of the maximum growth of devil fish is measured at the length of 17 feet or 5.2 m. Compared to the lesser devil ray, the devil fish has larger body. Red Devil Going Crazy..... 9/5/07 Hello, I have a Female Red Devil that is about three years old and is about 8" inches long. Research indicates the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus), our blue kurper, is the species most likely to exhibit this red colour trait, either totally or partially, although red Tilapia rendalli have also been reported. This simply means that the male takes only one female as his mate. Breeding: Red Devil Cichlids are monogamous. Sick Red Devil - Please Help FAST!!! It is possible to keep it together only with enduring and strong fishes of similar size and temper. Size. 2009, Consider Cichlid Stones to Aquascape your Fish Tank. Thread starter captain hook; Start date May 15, 2007; Forums. Recommended pH range for the species: 6 - 7.5. They are large, colorful, aggressive and have tons of personality. 75 % – 95% Solid Red Select Angelfish (Quarter Body Sized) $ 34.99 $ 27.99-20%. Most fish will reach their full length at about 3 years old. Philippine Blue Leopard Angelfish - Dime Size (3 Pack) $ 19.99. The Red Parrot on its part is already a cross, allegedly of Redhead Cichlid (Vieja melanurus, formerly Cichlasoma or Vieja synspilum) and Amphilophus labiatus, the Red Devil Cichlid. All rights reserved. Size: 12″ Diet: Omnivore Origin: Farm-Raised in US. 3 Smokey Angelfish Short Fin aquarium breed Tropical Freshwater Angelfish. How long can we expect to … Jun 7, 2007 16,586 15,982 2,910 Isla Taboga Panama via Milwaukee. Red Claw Crab Care. The red devil cichlid might sometimes undergo a color change and appear black on parts of its fins and also lips. A specially bred gigantic Atlantean berserker warrior from the days of old, hybernating in the ocean and awakened by Aquaman to fight the Plura crisis. © 2021 ( Let me state first that each Cichlid is different just as we humans are. A confirmation email will be sent to you! Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum. google_ad_slot = "5339066421"; With a length of up to 15 inches, this enormous fish … This is a territory dependent and aggressive fish species that completely proves one of its names – ‘red terror’. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5523556408430038"; Temperament: Extremely Aggressive. This is if you only want 1 red devil cichlid with no tankmates at all. I have not kept good records/updates on the water quality - as my fish has tolerated the water without problems. Sale! 1 Comment. Max. Still, both have an identifiable difference that is essential to know, for avoiding confusion while buying both the fish. Sep 22, 2006 86 0 0 Texas. Red Devils will eat or kill any fish that will fit into their mouth or is not as aggressive and tough as they are. Trying to keep more than one Red Devil will be experimental. Males typically are a bit larger than the females. Add TO Cart. Tank: Keeping the Red Devil cichlid in the home aquarium is not that difficult at all. The Red Devil comes from the waterways of Central America, specifically around the Nicaragua area. It is an interesting fish that is easy to breed and one pair can prosper in a small tank (29 gallon). Some hobbyists use tank separators to keep the male away and give the female a break on occasion. Image size. Tank: Keeping the Red Devil cichlid in the home aquarium is not that difficult at all. We get so much enjoyment out of him! If you eat fish from Group B, wait any more fish from Group A or B. The parents then move the fry to a pit dug in the substrate. He is such a cool fish. Fish Tank Mates : It is usually best to keep them in a species only tank because of their water requirements. Colored Red Devil Cichlid MEDIUM Colored Red Devil Cichlid MEDIUM Amphilophus labiatus Red-Orange. Size. On the other hand, the Midas cichlid has a less elongated body, flat lips, and a shorter mouth. Red claw crabs may harass fish with long fins and little bottom feeders like catfish, shrimp, and snails. Red Devils do require space, since they grow to around 10 inches. This will prevent your Red Devil from jumping out and carpet surfing. The Red Devil’s main background color is usually a peach-apricot to yellow, and many with bright red coloration, sometimes having a white underside or … Sold Out. Amazing fish i love my red devil as well mine is still baby but he comes to class when he sees me and follows me where i go . Usual size in fish tanks: 20 - 27 cm (7.87 - 10.63 inch) 0 14. Required fields are marked *. Clown Angelfish - Dime Size (1 Fish) $ 9.99. The female will lay her eggs on a flat rock, log, or on another decoration. 75 Favourites. The Cardinal tetra and Corydoras, Cory Cat are sometimes kept in tanks with them and make good tank mates. Add TO Cart. We have had a Red Devil Cichlid for about 8 years. Keywords (separated by comma) ... Red Devil Fish Laying on The Ground, Water Pollution Concept. If you choose to experiment with tankmates, ensure your tank is large enough. From the fish name it’s already clear that fish is a beautiful one. They are similar in structure to those of a fish and are enclosed in a cartilaginous capsule fused to the cranium. The Red Devil is often used to describe another species, which is similar in size, color and temperament, Amphilophus labiatus. Be sure to provide a tight fitting lid or canopy on top. Many start off with multiple juvenile cichlids and raise them until the aggression kicks in or a pair forms. The aquarium must be decorated in a way that leaves a big area open for swimming. $35.99. Males tend to be a bit larger than females. Origin: The ancestors of the Red Devil came from Lake Nicaragua in Central America. The devil fish is the largest species in the genus Mobula. With aggressive fish, it’s your responsibility to identify the individual temperament of each specimen and separate any that are too feisty to live together. Behavior: Red Devil Cichlids are very aggressive. If you want to put a fish in the tank, I would choose a larger, more dominating fish. Live insects such as crickets and earthworms can be fed also. Categories: Cichlids, Tropical Fish, Tropical Fish Profiles. My red devil was a female and was she nasty. Next Last. 3 Koi Angelfish aquarium breed Tropical Freshwater Angelfish. Their coloration and immense aggressiveness earn them the name red devil. Click Here to Share YOUR experiences and pictures of the Red Devil Cichlid, Feeding: Provide a high quality pellet or flake for their staple diet. All pacu fish live in water, but they can differ in the types of water that they like.