Large Pair Blue Blushing Short Fin Out of stock. the world of angelfish, featuring high color koi angelfish, marble koi angelfish, blue angelfish varieties, platinum angelfish, black angelfish, pearl-scale angelfish, marble angelfish varieties and many more color lines of the pterophyllum scalare. Platinum Angelfish exhibit a brilliant silver/white sheen with just the slightest hint of blue or green on their fins. Call us at … Blue Black Ninja Angelfish Currently Unavailable Read more Details. casuarius"Buffalo Head"1.5-2" unsexed $15.ea 3" males $22.50ea, Paratilapia Bleekeri Sm 2" unsexed $10.ea, IMPORT_JS = function(url) { Blue Zebra Sm unsexed $7.50ea-OUT. Add to basket. … Vulture catfish $ 59.99 Add to cart; Jumper catfish hifin $ 59.99 Add to cart; Mokelembembe polypterus $ 89.99 Add to cart; SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Overnight orders … Red Headed Panda Angel Med £ 5.51. Bulgarian Green Angelfish $ 26.00. $ 9.99 * SOLD OUT (2) New LARGE - Brazillian Blue … Online Store. Pinoy Leopard SmokeRg Nickel size body $7.50ea Select qtr size body $10.ea Med size $18.ea Large $25.ea beautiful !! Out of stock. 20% Off Quick View. Angels are a beautiful, mystical addition to any aquatic habitat. AngelFish for sale online. This is a magnificent Angelfish variety, which was first produced by Chuck Ash in about 1969. - 05201 201-736-0785. While generally available for sale within the aquarium hobby, the Blue Platinum Marble Angelfish is one of the more rare variants to find in the average local fish store. this is my first time to have this kind of Blue gene..hopefully i could breed them.17-08-2011 HOURS. When we have these available, they sell out fast, so don't delay! LOCATION. Night Live Streams quarantine all of our fish and recommend you should as well. Scientific Name: Pterophyllum scalare. Add to Wishlist. This iridescence usually appears blue under most lighting. The discovery that put Ken and the Philippines in the worldwide angelfish map was due to Leslee, Ken’s sister, who bought the platinum angelfish from a pet shop even after Ken told her not to. No boosted adverts were found! All stock held on site is sourced from ethical breeders and are quarantined onsite and rigorously monitored for any signs of distress or ill health, to help ensure the best possible quality and wellbeing of … Sale | Fish | Angelfish | Blackpool . Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Live Aquarium Angelfish. Rg size $10.ea. Pets4Homes found 27 Angelfish for sale. Zebra Angelfish $ 19.99 $ 17.99. (Local Pick-up only) $30.00. Sale! Angelfish - Black Marble - Large $14.95 $7.95 Angelfish - Black Marble - Small $4.95 $3.95 Angelfish - Blue Blushing Ghost - Small $11.95 $6.95 Angelfish - California Green Pearlscale Smokey Half Black-Medium $24.95 $9.95 Angelfish - Fire Koi - Small $12.95 $8.95 Angelfish - Fire Koi Super Veil Lace - Large $49.95 $29.95 Blue Angel Fish. Blue angelfish and Red angelfish should be in stock.✅Join and become a member and get more access to me directly and our other awesome fans with behind the scenes content and other perks. Even as juveniles, Platinum Angelfish display a brilliant white sheen, and as the fish matures, a greenish-blue tint only further enhances the exquisite beauty. An iridescent pigment develops as they age. If you'd like to take it to the next level, subscribe to aquariumcoop and check out our weekly videos.Cory is employed by Aquarium Co-Op LLC. Questions? Select options Select options Details. window.document.write("