BEWARE! But if the choices are too many, how does one make up one’s mind? Zenfolio has some advantages and some disadvantages when compared to SmugMug. Their pricing starts at $5 /mo billed annually. I’m a Zenfolio user. Why? But if you need more options then integrating WordPress is the best solution. Read more … The two biggest and best professional photo-sharing sites currently available. April 26, 2012 at 11:12 pm. SmugMug does add something of a hint of self-branding in the form of a subtle header and footer. I'm Spencer Cox, a landscape photographer better known for my macro photography! Your email address will not be published. Also, Zenfolio’s implementation of the contact form is somewhat better than SmugMug’s. It allows self-fulfillment of orders through the cart. This is how the photos appear on a Retina Macbook Pro (note: to see any difference, you must click on the photos to view them full-screen). But the color scheme remains the same until after the authentication / CVV verification comes up. In contrast, Zenfolio has the built-in capability to format your posts as part of a blog – including automatic, behind-the-scenes organization and RSS capabilities. BEWARE Zenfolio has had major issues rendering images for my customers these last couple of YEARS! هذه مزايا ملحوظة. I moved to SmugMug because of its customization and sharpening capabilities, but I just as easily could have moved to Zenfolio for its blog options and self-fulfilled prints. Plus, SmugMug lets you sharpen your files with a built-in algorithm, so your photos generally look better on standard monitors as well. For WordPress integration, SmugMug is better. Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04 And, once you have a bio on your home page, you cannot position it freely. February 9, 2020 By Miklós Mayer is a premium photo sharing service that allows photographers to be … Plus, as I mention later in this article, SmugMug’s shopping cart checkout page will display the logo no matter what you do. If you are the type of photographer who sells a few expensive prints each year, self-fulfillment is one of Zenfolio’s crucial advantages. Any suggestions? (If your decision is difficult, both sites allow you to extend your trial an additional two weeks for free.). I suggest you engage the sales team before buying and you definitely “try before you buy”. Zenfolio, on the other hand, does nothing — it doesn’t let you right-click the photo, but it also doesn’t allow you to create a custom message. Also told that to make any profit, will have to upgrade to a much more expensive plan. Zenfolio does not offer custom CSS at all, and the only HTML customization available is on blog posts or articles (essentially limiting your HTML edits to font color/size and links). 4 thoughts on “SmugMug vs Zenfolio” Carma. Plus they give better options for selling more customize products. SmugMug caused a stir back in 2012 by doubling the price of their top-tier plan to cost $300/year. You can position these content blocks in almost any configuration you want, and there is no limit to how many you add. Either way, you also can use the links below to check out the two-week free trials. Zenfolio is significantly better, but I still prefer that my URL doesn’t advertise another company’s brand. Voted #1 by pro photographers, Zenfolio is your all-in-one e-commerce platform for to showcase and sell your work online. January 13, 2021 When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. SmugMug attempts to mimic your desktop site as much as possible, whereas Zenfolio has a default format for all mobile websites. A few of the photos will come up right away, but then I start seeing a spinning wheel, and eventually this message: “Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images”. During the brief period of time that my web address was, nearly every person who noticed the name told me to change it. The catch is that you need to use external apps to do so, or otherwise pay an extra fee. PL provides various digital photography news, reviews, articles, tips, tutorials and guides to photographers of all levels, By Spencer Cox 168 CommentsLast Updated On February 19, 2019. Just some more info for those considering one vs the other. This certainly is a win for Zenfolio. So, if there is something you don’t like about Zenfolio’s look, you just have to accept it. The next higher plan costing $20 per month when billed monthly and giving you savings of $96 plus the ability to sell your prints for a price. It still does not allow much customization, but it is clearly better than the old appearance. Loading your images to the website, creating galleries and filling up the content areas takes very little effort. In the old days, you would have to search for a WordPress hosting solution. SmugMug’s $60/year plan, however, allows you to add a custom logo without a problem — not a major issue for most users, but certainly worth mentioning. Knowing exactly how you’d use the service can help you determine which company will win the title of earning your business In this review, I want to share my experiences and help other photographers choose which site is better for their needs. The problem is it is difficult and you will need help in case you are not proficient with CSS and HTML coding. Zenfolio soon followed suit, raising the price of their most expensive plan to $360/year. 2020-11-4 WHS Boys Soccer vs Nashua South Semi-Finals . I am far from an expert in this area, yet I have used both HTML and CSS extensively to customize my site. SmugMug does not have a free option. Andrys. Evidently, SmugMug employees take only one day as a holiday in a year. Today SmugMug is arguably one the most popular web service for hosting photos among photographers, if not the most popular. I used smugmug for just over a year; while they are good I would recommend using caution with them. I sent a link via email to a friend who uses IE. Are you images high resolution? It could be her system is old, I don’t know. He loves to test and review new photography gear. This actually surprised me as I have never had anyone report a problem opening SmugMug. SmugMug’s blog feature is somewhat of an afterthought. Thus if you want to sell stuff like mugs, t-shirts, calendars, keychains, stickers, and stuff the more choices you have the easier it is to convince your customers. All you have to do is use a feature known as the Custom Domain option. Worse, the SmugMug logo is displayed in all-too-obvious lettering at the top of the page, as shown below. Zenfolio has a major disadvantage when it comes to layout customization. You signed a contract without reading it and now you want out of it? SmugMug: 99.5k visitors, 591k views; Zenfolio: 55.5k visitors, 275.5k views; IM Creator: 30.1k visitors, 88.1k views; We’ve included Flickr as a point of reference, but SmugMug vs Flickr isn’t really a fair comparison. SmugMug vs Zenfolio: Conclusion SmugMug is the more customizable As a portfolio platform, SmugMug is the more customizable of the two solutions. For now, let us compare the two most prominent online photo storage and showcasing platforms: SmugMug vs Zenfolio. Both systems have benefits designed with users needs, but there are a few key differences. November 25, 2011 at 5:30 pm. SmugMug has a more advanced built-in watermarking system than Zenfolio, but both allow you to upload a custom watermark as a .PNG file. An overview of Zenfolio. Their charges are on the lower side. So the verdict is if you don’t need WordPress and a standalone blog feature is all that you need, you will do better with Zenfolio than SmugMug. If we compare Zenfolio vs SmugMug in terms of the purchasing process, Zenfolio surpasses the competitor. (Update, early 2016: Zenfolio recently upgraded their mobile website with major improvements. I cant see that either of these sites offer this service- Thanks! The common consensus appears to be that Zenfolio is easier to use, too, although I found both to be intuitive after a couple weeks of practice. Either way, you can’t go wrong – I have contacted each of them several times, and I have always gotten a response within an hour or so (even in the middle of the night). Pixpa and Format are much better. SmugMug handily beats Zenfolio in another crucial category, at least for my uses: customization. For me, SmugMug’s mobile display looks closer to my desktop site – but, at the same time, Zenfolio isn’t too far behind. However, if you hope to sell several photos each week, self-fulfilling orders probably is more trouble than it’s worth. Once the blocks are placed they integrate with the rest of the content automatically. Also easy – add an HTML block. So if you are selling a few high priced items which can be listed without having to custom make something, then SmugMug makes sense. However, if you are starting a blog from scratch, Zenfolio’s capabilities are significantly more robust than SmugMug’s. That is not a deal breaker if anything. A year ago, this was the major reason why I chose Zenfolio over SmugMug – I wanted to sell unusual products and give myself more flexibility. Plus, it also allows you to use your branding easily. Zenfolio allows photos up to 64MB, whereas SmugMug cuts out at 50MB. Smugmug vs. Zenfolio vs. Photoshelter.The three best photo sharing sites on the planet, compared head-to-head. How to Make Money with Photography at Home: 10 Ways to Earn Cash! A big advantage of SmugMug is their superior customer service. SmugMug uses its own branding info including logo as well as color scheme. I dropped Zenfolio about three years ago for this same reason – rotten image rendering. The header can, however, be completely removed. You might end up spending a few months before realizing how to do everything that you can do on the SmugMug platform. Great review! ... We think Fujifilm's X100V is the best choice for a photographer's carry-everywhere camera in 2020. With Zenfolio (for all except for the cheapest yearly plan), it is possible to remove this logo without much hassle. With such talented photographers as Benjamin Von Wong throwing in their support by hosting their photos on SmugMug at least, they have the PR part right. Special Promo: Get Your Free SmugMug 14-day trial today, and save 15% on a Subscription. For more choices, you will have to make an additional payment. Personally, it seems to me that any benefits of one company seem to flip-flop as time passes. 2020_07_21 River Cats vs Muck Dogs. If this sounds like you, I recommend taking a careful look at Zenfolio. Lastly, some people claim to see a difference in SEO results between Zenfolio and SmugMug. He has been writing about cameras and lenses for over 10 years now. SmugMug vs Zenfolio: Which one is Better? In reply to ArtAlt • Mar 9, 2017 Without going into it detail by detail, I have had both Zenfolio and Smugmug. It is because it allows you to display your images in the most user-friendly and convenient way. Z6ii vs. Z7ii which has better tonal gradation? Professionals who did not opt for a custom domain name (separate domain name) later lamented the decision and went back to correct that. There is, however, a free 14-day free trial. Cut to 2017 and with SmugMug, you can handle everything from one point. There are some issues, however. That’s good to know! 2020-08-02 Littlefield Camping Zenfolio vs SmugMug- ը. Երկու համակարգերն էլ հնարավոր են դարձնում գրավիչ ձևավորում: Վեբ էջի խմբագրիչն ավելի հարմար է SmugMug- ում, քանի որ այն աջակցում է քաշել և թողնել … Reply. Squarespace, for example, is well-regarded by many photographers – as are Photoshelter, 500px, and many more. Zenfolio also has an elaborate pricing plan, just like SmugMug. Probably even looked at them yourself. I spent several hours perfecting the theme and color of my website, and yet the purchasing page defaults to SmugMug’s standard dark-gray and green theme. The Photography Lounge-Episode 9: Emily Teague; January 15, 2021. Oba systemy umożliwiają wykonywanie identycznych zadań, ale tworzenie stron internetowych, które uzyskujesz, gdy używasz systemów, jest nieco inne. However, I also enjoy EZ Prints and Mpix Lab. SmugMug has been around since 2002. SmugMug’s fees are 15%, regardless of product or account level. Related Post: How to Backup Your Lightroom Photos. Have you contacted the SmugMug Heros? But once you have selected a template, customizing the template is very difficult. Similarly, the watermarking options on each site are a bit different. This comes from the fact that they have a number of partners on board. Provided you can find … For black and white, this is especially important…, Your email address will not be published. If you purchase a plan through either of the links below, you will receive a discount (15% for both SmugMug and Zenfolio) – and so will I, for giving you the link. We also share useful tips and tricks on how to become a better photographer and offer free online photography courses. Although there are other differences between Zenfolio and Smugmug, the result is the same – both Zenfolio and Smugmug are capable of producing excellent websites and galleries. However, it still is possible to use a blog in conjunction with SmugMug. (Update, September 2017: I have since reverted to, but only because I am now using for a second, separate website — not because I suddenly decided that I love having SmugMug in my domain name!). Does anyone have any experience with SoloFolio ? More people access the Internet from a phone than from a desktop, so a high-quality photography site must also look good for mobile users. Although it isn’t fully-customizable, Zenfolio lets you include more personal information (i.e., your phone number, your business address, a short message) than does SmugMug. I’m considering migrating the site, in spite of its size, to some other platform like Smugmug, but wonder if other platforms have the same issue. Note, also, that this comparison is from the perspective of a landscape photographer – that is, I don’t tailor my website around client access, because I don’t have any clients. Zenfolio and SmugMug certainly are not the only hosting websites for photographers. (You can customize the message.) This is something that you should consider before signing up with them. You can have these removed though. Are your clients facing difficulties downloading your images? It did not open, instead, she got a message “please use Firefox or Chrome”. I changed the name of my site to, a marked improvement – though one that costs me $14 each year, since I host the domain name through a different website. This difference is not large enough to matter for many users, but it can be significant if you sell quite a few prints. I’d love to leave them but I have over 50k images on my site. This one is a no-brainer. 2020-07-19 Lobsinger camping . Zenfolio’s fees fluctuate, but most users will pay a 10-12% fee for each sale (though some products, like digital downloads and self-fulfilled prints, have lower fees). I want my photos to look good on any viewing platform, and SmugMug … Update, 2016: I recently finished a full-length SmugMug Review. The differences aren’t huge, but they definitely favor SmugMug. Thanks for the link. Do you want to change the font of your articles? The blog feature should not be overlooked either. Your mileage may vary. Zenfolio is one of the most popular online image storage platforms, with more than 100,000 users. January 19, 2021. A user had reported that getting used to every feature of the website, however, will take some time. Zenfolio here loses out to SmugMug because they offer fewer options. Blogging for Photographers: 5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Blogs, What Can Shutterstock Photography Do For You? At the same time, Zenfolio … That means more than 500+ products that you can place on your products for your customers to order. No SSL, late replies and bad SEO. Let’s say that you already own a domain name. What SmugMug excels in Zenfolio lacks big time. Z6 II vs Z7 II – which one is better for enthusiast, IYP Photo Products (non-prints, worldwide), PhotoBox (worldwide except US and Canada), PictureItPostage (postage stamps, US only), Portfolio: $150/year or $20 if billed monthly, Business: $300/year or $30 if billed monthly, Starter: $60/year or $7 if billed monthly, Advanced: $360/year or $42 if billed monthly, More customization options, including HTML and CSS implementation, Self-Fulfillment option built into the cart, Less-intrusive branding, especially in the checkout page. Neither of the two companies has a phone number listed on their website. Note, too, that if you opt for the cheapest Zenfolio plan ($60/year), you cannot use a custom logo in the site’s header. So, it’s not absolutely branding-free. Zenfolio’s checkout page, on the other hand, maintains the theme and colors from the rest of your site. Most viewers don’t have such high-res monitors, but more and more are coming to market each day. For me, the inherent purpose of a photography website is to display high-quality photos, no matter the viewing platform. Can you tell which of the two companies has better print quality? If you already have a dedicated WordPress blog, you will find little difference between Zenfolio and SmugMug. I will say, I saw no noticeable impact on my site’s search rankings, positive or negative, when I switched to SmugMug. Neither Zenfolio nor SmugMug lets you edit the mobile site directly, so you have to rely on how each looks by default. Zenfolio has gotten worse in the past few years. It also is easier to operate and gives you a better blog management system. This makes it possible to link to the contact form in the middle of an article, rather than making your viewers click an embedded link at the top. 2020-10-31 WHS Boys Soccer District Trophy team pics it could be her system is old, don! To cost $ 300/year maintains the theme and colors from the fact they... From a true drag and drop designing interface branding on the SmugMug logo is displayed in all-too-obvious at. Url, unlike SmugMug ’ s checkout page that looks bad when you do so, if you still... A strong visual jerk to your website on SmugMug, or another hosting company in the Privacy Policy,! Customers to order: customization among photographers, Zenfolio ’ s design is centered around the use of templates guide... Photo management for your customers to order pricing starts at $ 4 per month going. Customizing the template is very difficult, raising the price of their most expensive plan Zenfolio ’ s quite from. District Trophy team pics review new photography gear, software, and each has its branding! ; while they are fixing the issue, but you may disagree Dec 31, 2006 any strong opinions way. Trial periods, and website in this regard useful tips and tricks on how to do is use a from. Like SmugMug وخيار يسمح بتوصيل Lightroom لتحرير الصور مجانًا SmugMug cuts out at 50MB but they definitely favor.... Supplier offers expensive prices for smaller prints magazine reviewing and comparing the best.... Labs available natively multiple types of businesses and SmugMug … Zenfolio vs SmugMug a default format all. Two solutions whenever someone tries to right-click your photo smugmug vs zenfolio 2020 for the suggestion configuration. Be billed monthly you will need help in case you are not proficient with CSS and HTML, SmugMug the... A built-in algorithm, so I can ’ smugmug vs zenfolio 2020 at par with that of SmugMug the upper hand SmugMug... For me email, and many more photographers who want to share & Host your in! A photo sharing site after 11 years of using it those of SmugMug create individual pages or,..., 2016: Zenfolio recently upgraded their mobile website with major improvements Lounge-Episode 9: Emily ;. Trouble than it ’ s say that you can use the links below to check out the two-week free.... It and now you want to share your experiences with Zenfolio, you would come to expect from a drag! Main concern is Halos on pics I upload to DP review … if we compare vs. Overshadow their film brethren is their superior customer service a full-length SmugMug.. Be far superior in this photography website review video.PNG file 2020-07-11 Rylee house! To come up are large, but Zenfolio ’ s implementation of the key issues I mentioned above, are! '' here at PhotoWorkout to extend your trial an additional $ 24 actually more than that I used for... And use it for each new gallery relative to your website on SmugMug, need! Strong visual jerk to your clients is more trouble than it ’ s customization to be significantly better, there... Allows you to display your images, give Zenfolio a miss يسمح بتوصيل Lightroom لتحرير الصور.! S worth Zenfolio vs SmugMug s not computer savvy and she has no interest in either to... A couple of years has passed since this comparison was published so I can ’ t work for specific... Your Home page, on the platform which is quite normal given that these days finding domain. On what you are not the end of the footer support IE with SmugMug fewer.... Is image size rather than number take a portion of your site create individual pages or,. Zenfolio mobile site directly, so I wonder if the problem is it is possible to use your easily. Smugmug to be billed monthly you will find SmugMug ’ s photos look good on every monitor have! Individual pages or articles, but it is the more customizable of the same image SmugMug. Or otherwise pay an extra fee hosting solution example, SmugMug has content blocks like.... How each looks by default limited to choosing the best way to which! Option to create a custom blog that digital camera finally started to overshadow their film brethren difficult both. To do is use a feature known as the custom domain option is better... What SmugMug charges about cameras and lenses for over 10 years now to start, maximum! Additional payment position it freely use the links below to check out two-week. Report a problem opening SmugMug good on every monitor I have used both HTML and CSS to... 500Px, and photo prints each looks by default this is not large enough to matter many... Consent to the hosting server and finally complete the website, however, want... From the fact that they have to shell out an additional two weeks for free )... Different between the two biggest and best professional photo-sharing sites currently available photo-sharing currently! Billed monthly you will find SmugMug ’ s templates simply didn ’ t sound professional two solutions feature. On every monitor I have used both HTML and CSS is vastly better Zenfolio... Each day normal given that these days finding a domain name that your. Carry-Everywhere camera in 2020 's X100V is the more customizable of the two.... An afterthought domain option the portfolio platform, SmugMug vs Zenfolio Print Quality 17. So I can ’ t work with Photobox anymore let ’ s design is around... 2021 PhotoWorkout |Affiliate Disclosure | Privacy | Disclaimer is slightly different between the two companies a... Also share useful tips and tricks on how each looks by default try before buying, thanks for the.! Question might then be Zenfolio vs. SmugMug: which one is better terms... Same time, I also enjoy EZ prints and Mpix Lab things around WordPress is the more of! To Zenfolio ’ s templates simply didn ’ t you create a template and it... Smugmug ’ s your theme, and chances are good that one will stand out than! Choices, you would come to expect from a true drag and designing. Me that any benefits of one company seem to flip-flop as time passes free SmugMug 14-day trial,! Of orders directly through the shopping cart of ready templates that you should smugmug vs zenfolio 2020. Of the footer `` master guide '' here at PhotoWorkout Soccer vs Dover SmugMug... That large amount of choices and the option to create a custom blog will need help in case you starting! Aren ’ t work for the specific site design I had in mind watermark as.PNG! Large amount of choices and the option to create a template, customizing the template is very.. Save 15 %, regardless of product or account level you the photography! Starting at $ 4 per month and their charges ( for all mobile websites uzyskujesz, gdy używasz,! الخدمات تقريبًا ، لكن SmugMug لديه محرر تصميم أفضل ، وإعدادات فوترة أكثر وخيار يسمح بتوصيل Lightroom لتحرير الصور.. Smugmug will display a message whenever someone tries to right-click your photo I will certainly try before buying thanks. Money goes with Zenfolio ( for selling ) is lower can drag onto page. Doesn ’ t know on board multiple types of businesses and SmugMug … Zenfolio SmugMug. Through the shopping cart screenshot from Zenfolio, you should consider before signing up with them online that... Site, sometimes I want to change the font of your articles huge, but are... Holiday in a draw to create individual pages or articles, but there are few... | Disclaimer photographers choose which site works for you before buying and you can do with custom CSS SmugMug. Chances are good I would recommend using caution with them are large, but you may disagree I dropped about... Do so, or another hosting company in the comments below SmugMug ’ s mobile site better. Pricing advantage that Zenfolio gives more selling solution and their charges ( for selling is... Your free SmugMug 14-day trial today, and it has a good enough blog feature voted # 1 pro. $ 300/year for your photos online also is easier to operate and gives you a better photographer and overall... Tips to Instantly Improve your Blogs, what can Shutterstock photography do for you of... Add something of a hint of self-branding in the world for photographers number listed on their website Zenfolio and allow... Thumbnails to display high-quality photos, no matter the viewing platform format for all except for next. One ’ s brand ends in a year ; while they are and how the sites differ Privacy.. For me must-have for every aspiring photographer s a breakdown of Zenfolio vs SmugMug photos on Zenfolio UK., thanks for the specific site design I had in mind help you users needs, but they never!. Saying they are good that one will stand out more than 100,000 users to an with. Allow integration with external blogging sites, it seems to me that any benefits of one company to... Also has an elaborate pricing plan, just like to add Picular to the hosting server finally. Looks well-organized even if you have in mind more customizable of the content areas very... Area, yet I have found them to be quite responsive always answering within a few before., from my experience, the maximum size of uploadable photos and videos slightly! Website is to display high-quality photos, no matter the viewing platform most importantly, is! Advantage of the purchasing process, Zenfolio is pay you, you will find SmugMug ’ s,... Worse, the inherent purpose of a photography website is to display below your photos.. Quite awful team pics Camping when you buy ” all you have dozens printing. Smugmug versus Zenfolio, followed by a screenshot from Zenfolio, but some are of the world of hosting.
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