Takizawa has a very straight-forward and earnest personality, being a relatively normal young man. While prone to erratic or wild behavior, he also shows moments of complete lucidity and awareness of his actions. I wonder... how about now? This revelation was a major blow to Seidou's mind, causing him to abandon his humanity. Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道) Takizawa is a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. He praises Sasaki as an excellent leader for thinking about the safety of his subordinates, and expresses the desire to speak to him privately. It turned out that after being presumed dead, he was captured by Aogiri, turned into a ghoul and repeatedly subjected to extensive torture at the hands of Dr. Kanou. While Kaneki offered insight into what human food tastes like to ghouls, Takizawa's commentary sheds light on how humans taste to ghouls. He sampled the blood that splashed across his cheek and was amazed at how delicious it is. Language: English Words: 1,022 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 7 Kudos: 53 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 900; Expectations by Lidsworth Douhi: An ukaku quinque, formerly belonging to his partner, Houji. Akira is a beautiful young woman with pale blonde hair and purple eyes (In Tokyo Ghoul √A, they are portrayed as pale grey-green). Like all ghouls, he can be weaker if enough Q-Bullets are used against him and can be easily weakened by human food. In response, the ghoul agreed to do so and tossed him into the air while calling for Noro. This comment caused Ayato to charge him, with Tatara stepping in before a fight could start. He wore a dark blue suit when working in the main office with a blue tie and a white undercoat as well. While the original Owls (Yoshimura and Eto) are referred to using the Japanese word Fukurō, Takizawa is referred to using the English word "Owl" instead. [30], While Tatara fought Houji in his kakuja form, Takizawa interfered with Tatara and saved Houji from getting burnt by Tatara's kakuja while he laughed. 8tracks radio. Though a great admirer of outstanding investigators such as Koutarou Amon and Kishou Arima, he also suffers from a major inferiority complex that brought him into conflict with his peers. Even so, his commitment to his duty and comrades is stronger than any fears or doubts he might bear. They began to argue back and forth, accusing each other of pulling down their respective partners. Takizawa volunteered to help locate the Rc suppressants in the CCG Lab and Kaneki willingly switches his plans without argument. You're scared. He recalled her having talked during the lecture he gave on quinque, and she agreed with a hopeful expression. As such, beneath his arrogant demeanor, his insecurities remain and have been preyed upon to make him view Kaneki as a rival. He was caught in midair, with Noro's kagune tearing his left arm completely off as he stared in horror at the wound. Both his mother and Hide tease him about her, though he protests the idea of dating his rival. His hair is now white and visibly unkempt, its length past his chin. Later, he despised Tatara for the violence he suffered at the ghoul's hands and had spent his entire time with Aogiri plotting revenge. Seidou Takizawa's final appearance in :re. Seidou Takizawa as the "Six of Clubs" in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck. Though a great admirer of outstanding investigators such as Koutarou Amon and Kishou Arima, he also suffers from a major inferiority complex that brought him into conflict with his peers. [13], Following Juuzou's promotion and Akira being assigned to the same ward, his mood became so poor that Shinohara and Houji expressed concern about him. As he thought about the known details about the One-Eyed Owl, he became more and more distressed. At the end of the Owl Suppression Operation, he faced Tatara together with Koutarou Amon and was subsequently reported dead by the CCG. To himself: "I am... always second best. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Kaneki accepted his participation. He lashed out at the caller, calling them a "bastard" and demanding to know who was interrupting his great "battle against Destiny." Takizawa shrugged and left. Major Inferiority Complex. Noticing the investigator's wound healing and hearing Shirazu call him by name, Takizawa realized who he was facing and began laughing at the irony of Eto setting things up. One of the investigators, Hina Tougi, recognized him from having given a lecture to her class at the Academy and desperately attempted to get him to remember her. ", To Amon: "Ironic, isn't it? Before too long, Amon realized that both Takizawa and Akira had too much to drink. Eliminate the presence of ghouls in Japan (formerly).To make Ghouls the top dominate species and overthrow humanity (formerly). He enjoys causing others physical or psychological pain, taunting them and giving them lectures on the philosophies he has learned from Aogiri. When he realized his own future may be bleak, he wishes to live for someone as bright as Amon and even for Akira, to make her happy by bringing Amon back home. He realized he had only ever seen her "from the side," and cursed himself as a fool.[18]. 'This above all else.' In this manner, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or mean-spirited. The collar is also flipped up, partially covering the backside of his head. Crimes He giggled with a strange expression, briefly greeting his former rival before fleeing. Back in his room, he agonized over what he should write. He also expresses feelings of resentment towards the CCG, hinting that he believes himself to have been used and abandoned by them. His Tarot Card, The Devil, is associated with corruption and destructive urges. His ramblings imply a tragic irony, as he joined the CCG to keep his mother safe from ghouls, yet later on not only was she killed but he also ended up consuming her after he became a ghoul. It has a shape similar to a crossbow and sufficient strength to kill two unnamed members of Aogiri with single shots to the head. Seidou Takizawa's birthday illustration in the Tokyo Ghoul Flip Calendar. See more ideas about tokyo ghoul, ghoul, tokyo ghoul takizawa. He is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. Though told he would be taking part in the combat operation, this time, Takizawa was visibly distressed and not comforted by Houji's attempts to reassure him. If you become what you're afraid of, fear will fade. Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Their battle demolishes the Grand Hall, while Takizawa rambled about eating his parents and screaming nonsense. His new state gave him the strength to overwhelm Hinami but he became even more deranged and began to spout nonsensical sentences and repeatedly banged his head against a wall due to the side effects of his incomplete kakuja. In :re Chapter 24, the numbers "3" and "7" appear in blood on his face. He heavily imitates the mannerisms of Eto, with a sarcastic and cruel wit that leads to him mocking others. See more ideas about Tokyo ghoul, Kaneki, Ghoul. The one-eyed ghouls proceed to fight and throughout the battle Takizawa mocks Akira about her opinions. Now everything i eat tastes good! They dodged and responded with a double X-shaped cut to the chest. The two sat and conversed about the Oggai.[48]. [22] The fight continued, as Takizawa quickly reflected Amon with his shards. Loose cannon. [37] During Nico's sudden visit, a worried Takizawa insulted him after the former suggested Akira to be treated by Kanou, saying that the doctor would never aid in Akira's recovery. The two conversed, and Kaneki thanked Takizawa for saving Amon, though Takizawa claimed he did not do it for him. He then activated his kagune and referred to Amon, Kurona's and his own positions as misfits that should stick together.[44]. - stream 24 seidou takizawa playlists including tokyo ghoul, tokyo ghoul:re, and takizawa seidou music from your desktop or mobile device. When command contacted the squad to give them new orders, he used a stolen radio to respond to them — creating the illusion that all was well. He was OWL #15 during the ghoulification experiments that transformed him. In this manner, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or mean-spirited. Pandora's pandemonium 55,629 views. Later, he proceeded to slowly torture Sasaki, while lecturing him about how no one would come to his aid. Aug 24, 2016 - Explore Shuujin's board "Takizawa Seidou", followed by 303 people on Pinterest. There have been many first hand accounts of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in various places. When he heard Amon had been wounded in battle, Takizawa disobeyed orders and went to find him. As he picked himself up from the aisles, Takizawa and Akira spotted each other from a distance. In the. When disappointed or frustrated, he is prone to pouting or acting gloomy for long enough for others to comment on it. Akira disagreed with him, feeling that Houji was only trying to do him good by ending him personally as his former superior. Mutsuki prepared to stab him again, but Akira leaped between the combatants and shielded Takizawa while he looks on in shock. They also made a great team during their battle against Amon. He was OWL #15 during the ghoulification experiments that transformed him.
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