Kidde has recalled nearly half a million smoke detectors after a flaw was found that could keep the devices from alerting owners about a fire in their homes. ET Monday through Friday regarding a free replacement smoke or combination smoke … This alarm is powered by a 10-Year sealed-in, non-replaceable lithium ion battery. The two models were available for purchase beginning in September 2016. ‘When the alarm reaches the end of its useful life, it issues an end of life chirp every thirty seconds,’ Kidde says in an online post . • The recall involves models PI2010 and PI9010 of Kidde dual sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms. Still a little spooked, I considered apologetically calling the fire department, but noting that the Kidde i9010 ionization smoke detector mounted right next to it was not alarming, I held off. Kidde is recalling combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This Kidde 10-Year Worry Free smoke detector This Kidde 10-Year Worry Free smoke detector is easy to install and alerts your family when fire or smoke is detected in your home. The smoke detectors were sold at Home Depot, Menards, Walmart and other retailers. The affected models have a yellow cap visible … Customers should immediately check the model number and date code on their smoke alarms or combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to determine if any of their devices are included in the recall. Fire safety manufacturer Kidde has issued a recall covering nearly 500,000 dual sensor smoke alarms after finding that a malfunction in the devices puts them at risk for not alerting people to fires. Kidde smoke alarms are being recalled because they can’t detect smoke By Lulu Chang March 22, 2018 Kidde smoke alarms are failing at the only job they have — detecting smoke. Kidde Dual Smoke Alarm Recall. Our Kidde P3010CU combo smoke/CO detector started to beep and speak “Fire” this morning. A battery-powered smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm that is certified to work with Ring. The Kidde smoke detector recall affects models PI2010 and PI9010. A yellow cap was left on during manufacturing and can cover one of the two sensors, making it harder for the alarm to detect smoke. The recall includes Kidde Nighthawk combination smoke and CO detectors. Kidde recalled nearly 500,000 smoke alarms on March 21, 2018. This recall involves two models (PI2010CA and PI9010CA) of Kidde dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms manufactured between September 10, 2016 and October 13, 2017. The affected smoke alarms have a pill shaped design on the front of the unit. For questions concerning this alarm please call Product Support at 1-800-880-6788. Here, a person is pictured installing a smoke detector in a home in France on February 26, 2015. Kidde KN-COSM-IBA Hardwire Combination Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detector Battery Backup Voice Warning Interconnectable Smart Interconnect-Interconnects up to 24 Kidde devices (of which 18 can be initiating), Battery Backup (2-AA batteries included)-Provides protection during power outages. The recall, issued on March 21, affects about 452,000 smoke alarms in the U.S. and about 40,000 units in Canada. If you have a Kidde smoke detector, you should inspect it today. The recall is for the Kidde residential talking combo smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, model NightHawk KN-COSM-IBCA and KN-COSM-ICA. The model number and date code are located on the back of the unit. A pretty thorough search of the whole house revealed no smoke, no fire. $15 × First Alert. If so, they should contact Kidde Canada toll-free at 1-888-784-2323 between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. They were also sold online at, and other websites. Kidde’s smoke alarm recall comes months after it called back 2.7 million fire extinguishers in November 2017. Kidde is recalling millions of its NightHawk combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Page 1 IntellIgent SMOKe Smoke Alarm User guide Photoelectric Smoke with Voice and Hardwire Interconnect Model P4010ACS AMbIent lIgHt SenSOr Alarm samples the ambient light conditions of its location and, if possible, determines a Night / Day cycle to delay chirps during the night until the next Day cycle begins. carbon monoxide from any source of combustion in a residential environ-ment. Only alarms manufactured between June 1, 2004 and March 2011 are included in the recall. First Alert. Kidde has issued a recall for over 5 million combination smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in the United States and Canada, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a press release. They are dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke detectors. Smoke alarms should be placed outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. 452,000 units in the USA and about 40,000 units in Canada were affected in the recall. Owners of a Kidde smoke alarm need to see if theirs is part of a recent recall. Not too long later in March 2018, Kidde recalled their 2 Dual-Sensor Smoke Detector models, PI9010 and the PI2010. This Kidde smoke detector offers a really low price point and an easy battery installation method. This Kidde Smoke/CO Alarm was designed to detect both smoke and. Nearly 500,000 smoke detectors are being recalled by the manufacturer, KIdde. For your convenience, write down the following information. Please choose the location that applies to you United States Canada Kidde 21026043 Battery-Operated (Not Hardwired) Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning KN-COSM-BA 4.7 out of 5 stars 13,778 #1 Best Seller in Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Consumers should not attempt to take apart the alarm, open the casing, or otherwise remove the yellow cap themselves. Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Kidde has voluntarily recalled models PI2010 and PI9010 due to a defect, The recent Kidde smoke alarm recall affects 452,000 devices sold in the U.S. and another 40,000 sold in Canada. Models PI2010 and PI9010 have been recalled due to a manufacturing defect that inhibits their ability to smell smoke. Hazard: The alarms could fail to alert consumers of a fire or a CO incident in the event of a power outage. $35 × X-Sense. Author: Kattey Ortiz Published: 5:33 PM ... 2016 (NEWS CENTER) -- There's been a recall for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Kidde NightHawk combination smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) alarms can fail to continue to chirp when it reaches its seven year end … It is not designed for use in a recreational vehicle (RV) or boat. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector. RECALL: Kidde Nighthawk smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. This recall involves smoke/CO alarms with model number KN-COSM-IB and manufacture dates between June 1, 2004 and Dec. 31, 2010. Kidde recalls more than a million smoke and carbon monoxide+smoke alarms More than 1.2 million smoke alarms and combination smoke/CO alarms were recalled … The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced Wednesday that more than 450,000 Kidde smoke detectors are being recalled in the U.S. Kidde says models PI2010 and PI9010, sold as “Kidde Dual Sensor (Photoelectric and Ionization) Smoke Alarms,” have a yellow protective cap “in limited instances” that may have been left on one of the two smoke sensors in … The voice calmly announces the type of hazard in the event of an emergency. Shayla Vize - March 23, 2018, 6:54 am. The recent Kidde smoke alarm recall affects 452,000 devices sold in the U.S. and another 40,000 sold in Canada. Kidde recalls 40,000 smoke alarms in Canada. Z-Wave Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The reason for the recall was a yellow cap left on one of the sensors that could fail to alert buyers of the alarm of a possible fire. The specific product impacted in the recall is the Kidde NightHawk talking combo smoke/CO alarm with the model number KN-COSM-IB, made between June 1, … X-Sense. Recall Summary: Name of Product: Kidde hardwired smoke alarm (model i12010S) and combination smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) alarms (models KN-COSM-IBA and i12010SCO). If you . By.
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