The Inca were in South America near the Pacific Ocean. All had extensive army training. Inca expansion was carried out through diplomatic channels where possible, but military power certainly added weight to any diplomatic negotiations. The age of Inca soldiers was between 25 to 50. Buildings were made of rocks that were tightly packed together. Inca emperors according to Hurin and Hanan dynasties #3 Pachacuti was the first king of the Inca Empire. Facts About Inca Warfare. When force was necessary in order to absorb a rival tribe, the Inca army could be deployed quickly and effectively: In 1500 CE, the Inca empire covered most of South America's Andean region. It borders from today's Colombia to Santiago, Chile covering almost 800,000 square kilometers. Every ayllu had its own tax collector. The Inca army was a multi-ethnic army charged with defending the sovereignty of the Inca Empire, and the Sapa Inca, who was ruler. Composition. The Inca Empire had been collecting gold and silver for centuries and the Spanish soon found most of it: a great amount of gold was even hand-delivered to the Spanish as part of Atahualpa’s ransom. The 160 men who first invaded Peru with Pizarro became very wealthy. Several Sun temples still exist, including one at Sacsayhuaman … The earliest date that can be confidently assigned to Inca dynastic history is 1438, when Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, a son of Viracocha Inca, usurped the throne from his brother Inca Urcon.Under Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui (1438–71) the Inca conquered territory south to the Titicaca Basin and north to present-day Quito, making subject peoples of the powerful Chanca, the Quechua, and the Chimú. One of the saddest facts about the Incas is that the Emperor Athahualpa leading an army of up to ten thousand was defeated by just 168 Spanish conquistadors. As the Inca Empire grew, an army created by a loose confederation of peasant warriors was replaced by one of professional officers. Although the Inca warriors were more than adequate in fending off local adversaries, the Inca weapons were no match for the gunpowder and swords of the Francisco Pizarro and his army. Although the Inca had a road system between the cities, commoners were not allowed to travel on the roads. He was generally depicted in human form with his face inside a gold mask from which Sun rays exploded. The roads were guarded by the army and trespassers were usually killed. Wiraqucha, the grandson of Inca Roca, started to expand Inca territory.However, a neighboring tribe, the Chancas, attacked the Inca.Wiraqucha fled the invaders with his son and heir Inca Urcon. In the Inca army to prepare future soldiers, army or military training took place and began with young boys as ten years old, who took part in many physical activities such as weightlifting, wrestling, and sling shooting. There are lots of mountains over there. Many roads were built. The Inca’s were already weakened because so many had died of diseases the Europeans … Karelj/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. It was the biggest empire in the americas. Pizarro was able to easily take over the Inca Empire because his men had superior weapons to the slingshots, boleadoras , and truncheons of the vast Inca army. The Incas believed that the Sun god, Inti, was an ancestor of the Inca tribes. The empire's leaders first met Europeans on November 15, 1532, when a large Inca army confronted Francisco Pizarro's band of adventurers in the highland Andean valley of Cajamarca, Peru. Interesting Facts about the Government of the Inca Empire.
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